Unlocking the Poets Realm

                                                   Readers Favorite Award Winner - Gold             

Winner of the Readers Favorite Award 2009 in the category of Fiction- Fantasy/ Sci Fi and finalist in the USA Book News National Best Book Awards 2010.

 Discover the Magical World Where Animals Run the Planet.

Life in the seventh grade isn't easy for Minnie. She's ignored by her parents and picked on and bullied by other kids in her class. Then one day, she discovers a magic box that transports her to another land, far off in the future. Called Buval, this place is filled with giant juvenile bees, magical and mystical apes, vicious monsters and other bizarre and cunning creatures. But this is no pleasure trip. The animals that have dominion over this land have brought her here for one very specific reason: to save their world from an evil presence that intends to destroy all that is good.

Now, armed only with her wits and a cryptic poem setting out her task, Minnie embarks on a treacherous journey across a strange land that's teeming with wicked beasts and danger at every turn.

Can Minnie discover the confidence and belief in herself that she requires to fulfill such a quest? How she copes with every situation could mean the survival or downfall of the animals' world ... and of her own.

See if YOU can uncover the riddles of the poem before Minnie, revealing where she must go and what she must do next.

     Filled with adventure and mystery, "Unlocking the Poet's Realm" will keep you guessing until the gripping climax.

Below is the trailer to "Unlocking the Poet's Realm".

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