About Matt

At present I am living in Gladstone, which is a coastal city in north eastern Australia. I am single, again, and working as a Youth Support Coordinator at the local state high school. My position involves supporting the senior school students where ever possible, but primarily it is to ensure that these students are utilizing school effectively and are setting themselves up to be successful in whatever path they choose to follow after high school.

I still see my home as the Gold Coast of Australia though. I have recently left a job at a school for boys there who struggle to fit into mainstream schooling. My main objective in this role was to assist the boys in feeling comfortable with the world around them so they become confident members of the community. 

I have worked as a teacher in the classroom, in outdoor education and in behaviour management for 15 years. I've supported parents and teachers by helping them understand individual children's needs. I've also assisted hundreds of kids to cope better in both the school and home environments.

I initially began writing this story simply because I love writing. I guess I wanted to challenge my creative side. Working so closely with kids, and still being a bit of a kid myself, it seemed natural to write a book for teens and young adults. I guess I have developed an good understanding of their likes and dislikes. However, it wasn't long before I realised that what I was writing would also assist kids in coping with everyday issues like bullying, low self esteem, building confidence, making friends and dysfunctional family life. I truly do believe it is a great book to read and discuss in the classroom.

As well as creating a terrific adventure for all ages, as the reviews prove, "Unlocking the Poet's Realm" really has become a survival manual for parents, teachers and children alike. My dream is that this story become part of all middle or high school curriculum for all it has to offer in relation to building positive and confident kids. The books' ability to help teachers understand student issues and give solutions in managing these issues is just another goal I have managed to achieve.

The novel is 500 pages in length, however the language is set at a level that upper middle school students will understand. The test for all readers, whether teen or adult, is in comprehending a cryptic poem which outlines the tasks of the main character, Minnie. Instead of just providing a great story, I've challenged the reader to decipher this poem before Minnie does. This is what makes this novel truly unique to any other. But whether or not the reader deciphers every part of the poem or not doesn't matter at all, they'll still enjoy the action and thrills that come thick and fast throughout the whole story.

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