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A captivating story with a positive message!

By ChildrensNook (Appleton, WI)

 This book has a very positive message that encourages children and young adults to be confident and believe in themselves. The main character, Minnie, is a very smart girl with many abilities but strives to be invisible due the fact she is the main target of a couple bullies. She seeks comfort and friendship from animals and her neighbor(He is also an outcast). As a school counselor, I love that this book addresses bullying in such an entertaining story......because children will actually read it! I have a feeling many school librarians will be seeing this book checked out on a regular basis!

While hiding from bullies, Minnie finds herself transported into the land and time of Buval. As for Minnie's adventure in Buval, any reader will be captivated. This book has the ability to entertain both youth and adult readers. While in Buval, Minnie is required to decode a poem in order to save Buval from evil. I was completely involved in this plot and the land of Buval. It was also exciting to discover how much I wanted Minnie to succeed and become more confident and less introverted. The characters in Buval are so interesting and captivating. I could definitely see this wonderful adventure of a book coming to life in movie form. I would love to see all of the creatures in Buval on the big screen! This is a great story the entire family will enjoy. I found myself sharing what I read with my husband after I completed each chapter! It is a brilliant story and I enjoyed exploring Buval with Minnie every step of the way. I am hoping there will be a second book following up on all of these lovable characters!  


Magical Mystery Trip

By Penny Brien (Higley, AZ United States)

Unlocking the Poet's Realm was an amazing adventure of a little girl escaping bullies to find herself in a magical fantasy world full of animals that talk and rule. A world that is in danger of being destroyed, a world that she must help save through the mystery of the poem.

Although this is a long book - over 500 pages - it is a fast read because it is almost impossible to put down. I loved this book - it reminded me of the Bridge to Teribithia, The Neverending Story and others of that ilk. It is a book that really talks to the young adult crowd about bullying and it's effects, as well as showing how this girl - Minnie - regained her self-confidence.

I would recommend this book to any young adult or even adult who enjoys a good fantasy with some mystery and moral statements thrown in.

Absolutely loved this book.



 A must for Fantasy lovers!!!

By Steve (Yeronga, Australia)

Wow!! Who would have thought that an author would come along to rival C.S.Lewis. He has created such a mystical and creative world with such description that I could truly visualise it and felt myself walking with the characters.

What really sets this novel apart from the rest is the use of a cryptic poem. Minnie, the main character, is required to solve the riddles of the poem... sentance by sentance. It gives the reader the chance to work out what needs to happen before it happens, but it is far from predictable as the clues are tough to solve. It gave me the same buzz as the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books I read as a kid.

I also love that the author writes with such simple language but also about such important messages around bullying, self-esteem, family and friendship, yet is so subtle in how he incorporates these that they don't take away from the thrill of the story.

I truly hope that all schools find a way to utilise this novel, both for it's great writing and crutial messages. Hats off to the author on a great job! It sounds like a sequal is in the making. I can't wait!!!

This is truly a must for all fans of Fantasy novels for young adults.


An interesting read.

By yolo

There should be more books like this written! It's an entertaining read with a good solid message. It begins with something that most people have felt at one time or another , whether that is being bullied or feeling alone, and transforms with a bit of hope. It allows ones imagination to wander and personally makes me feel like a bit of a kid again. The book takes you on a journey and just pulls you in until you're done! As I finished, I was left with a big grin on my face seeing how far Minnie had come.


To the Land of Buval!

By Erica M Williams "Erica" (Chicago, IL USA)

I honestly loved this book! It had me captivated form the very beginning. In today's' society, I know that many children can related to Minnie(a.k.a Catty, to those who've read the book). A little girl being bullied at school finds hope in a magical world next door(literally and so-to-speak). I would recommend that anyone and everyone with a love for magic, read this novel.


Unlocking the Poet's Realm.

By Tammy

This book introduces us to a young seventh grader named Minnie, who is very bright, loves school and nature. She has one friend named Issac, who is a 60 year old man. She is able to talk to Issac about everything, including telling him about the school bullies, but her parents frown upon this friendship.

Minnie gets chased by bullies everyday. One day while walking home from school, she takes a different route home to avoid them. She finds an old abandoned building and quickly runs in and finds a big box and crawls in to avoid the kids who are chasing her. Once she enters the box, she is transported to a magical world of talking animals.

In this magical world she finds out for the first time in her life she is needed and she discovers the true meaning of friendship. She is asked to help solve a poem, if she can do this she will be able to save this special magical world.

I would highly recommend this book. It reminds me a lot of the Never ending Story. It is filled with suspense and magic on every page. You will not be able to put it down until you finish it. Minnie will have to ask the help from her new friends in order to solve the poem in time, if she wants to save the magical world she has grown to love. This book teaches us many life lessons.


I really enjoyed this book.

By BinaP.

 As I read this book I was reminded of one of my favorite movies: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. In the movie the characters are displaced due to war but in the book the main character Minnie is displaced from her life by her isolation. She is an average girl who didn't have many friends. She is constantly teased by her classmates and one day she decides to hide in a casket shaped box to get away from the kids that are picking on her. Little did she realize that she would be transported to a magical world called Buval where there are magical animals that can talk AND they rule the world. However Minnie realizes that her new friends and their magical world are in danger and the only way to help them is by "unlocking the poem". This is a very entertaining read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe movies.


 For all ages.

By JLNM (Orange County, CA)

 This book immediately reminded me of stories like The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, but in a good way. Great adventure and fantasy read for all ages. Kids would love the fantasy world excitement. This book also explores deeper, darker issues like bullying. Basically, if you want an interesting read and like being in a fantasy world (maybe temporarily escaping your real world lol) this is definitely and a good and unstressful read.
Interesting incorporation of poetry to solve puzzles/find clues. Good exercise for the mind. Definitely recommended! 


Well worth the price.

By Jeff Wallace (Olympia, Wahington)

 Unlocking the Poet's Realm by Matt Wiebusch is a great fantasy book for youngsters and the young at heart. It is a story in the tradition of such books as the 'Wizard of Oz', 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' and 'Where the wild things are' captures the imagination and exploring a strange new world that still has a comforting feeling of home.

The main person in the story is a girl named Minnie that has suffered at the hands of bullies at school. While running from the bullies she hides and finds herself in a futuristic world where humans are almost all extinct an animals talk. In this new land she meets Tappoc, a monkey, that she discovers is responsible for her being there and the author of the poem she was given when she first arrived. She finds out that she is the only one that can save Buval. To accomplish this feat she must decode the poem, face several dangers but above all find the hidden strength that has always been a part of her.

As does any good story, this one holds several lessons that we can all learn from and use in our daily lives.


Escape into an Adventure.


Mick  (Wisconsin)

This book was very well written. It kept me quite interested to find out what will happen next.

The author has a wonderful imagination and by how the book is written, the story is believable (although we know bee's, monkey's, etc. do not speak, birds do not carry people, etc.) and you will enjoy escaping life's daily routine when you read it.

Walk along with Minnie to uncover the poem's clues as she tries to save the animal's and their world.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a really good fantasy and adventure story, but I think mainly teenagers and women would enjoy this book the most.

*People chose this book as the Winner of the Readers Favorite Award and nominated it for the EVVY Awards, deservingly so.





 A Magical Adventure.


Jennifer S  (Ball Ground, GA United States)

What middle school child wouldn't love this book. It is mystical, magical and an escape from the troubles of real life. "Unlocking the Poet's Realm" by Matt Wiebusch is a creative story filled with adventure, fantasy and a dose of life lessons. His description's are well defined and intricate and draw you into the story. While you read, you are transported to the same magical world as Minnie. Minnie is a shy 7th grader who has only one friend, her elderly neighbor Isaac. Her parents don't approve of the friendship. She is basically alone in the world. Her life is hard as she is bullied often. While escaping her tormentors, she finds a magic box that takes her to a mystical land. Here she must solve problems and take charge of her insecurities and fears. The book takes many unpredictable turns and you will never lose interest. I loved follow Minnie in her transformation. You will too.



Great story filled with adventure and mystery.


by " Readers Favorite"- "readersfavorite.com"    (Hawesville, KY USA)

Seventh grader Minnie was smart, average height and weight, and picked on daily by the bullies in the school. Her parents were busy fighting battles of their own. She only had one friend, her next door neighbor Isaac. Her parents had forbidden her to visit with him. One day, she ran into an old shed on Isaac's property to escape the bullies. Inside was a casket shaped box. She got in the box and was transported into the future, to a place called Buval.

Buval was not an ordinary place. It was a world owned and run by animals. There were giant bees that could talk, magical apes, monsters and many other animals. They recognized that Minnie loved all animal life. She had been brought to Buval to save their world. There was an evil presence plotting to destroy the animals and their world. There is danger at every turn. She must solve a cryptic poem to save the world.

"Unlocking The Poets Realm" is a great story filled with adventure and mystery. This book kept me guessing until the final climax. Teens, young adults and parents will enjoy "Unlocking The Poets Realm". I enjoyed watching Minnie transform from a shy teen to a girl who can act on her problems instead of running from them.






Cassie Mae (USA)

Unlocking the Poet's Realm by Matt Wiebusch was a book I could identify with. I moved into a new town in second grade and some bullies picked on me. I know the fear the character, Minnie, had right from the beginning of the book. I like and understand how Minnie and her outcast neighbor, Isaac, found a connection together. (Even though he was off limits to her per her parents! Isaac is a gentleman of about sixty years old and got a bad reputation when his wife left him. Minnie didn't care.)

I write poetry and I liked the poetry in the book as well. I think the concept of this book is excellent. Minnie goes on an adventure that starts with a large bee and a poem. She has to follow the directions in the poem...and she many of learns life lessons as she does this.

I can see why this book is the Winner of the Readers Favorite Award and nominated for the EVVY Awards.





Sweet story.


Michael Harrison (Virginia, USA)   

"Unlocking the Poet's Realm" by Matt Wiebusch is not the book I thought it would be. It is a good story about a young girl that is having trouble at school. Whilie hiding from her problems, she is taken on a wild adventure when she accidently gets transported to a faraway land. While there she helps save their world and she learns to deal with the problems in her life instead of hiding from them.

This is a very sweet book that would be enjoyed by those that are young at heart. After I finished this book I gave it to my daughter to read, and she loves it.


























Loved it!


www.bookshipper.blogspot.com (Montreal, Quebec)  

I loved, loved this kind and wonderful book. It is the story of a young girl who is bullied at school and while looking for a place to hide, she finds a box - filled with magic that can transport her to the future in a world run by animals. As the story progresses, she discovers that she is there to save their world - against an evil force.

It seems as though there are evil forces in everyone's world. This book is full of sentiment and hidden messages and as you unpeel each page - you discover an intuitive and beautiful story of a young girl who finds her purpose and, in turn, she helps the world that she loves so much.

I am going to re-read this touching and whimsical story again. Beautiful writing that just makes you flow with the words and let the story carry you through.

Loved it!




A wonderful story.


Lonna H. (Chesapeake, Va)

What would a young girl give to have somewhere to hide from the bullies that torment her? This is exactly what takes Minnie, an average seventh grade girl, on the adventure of her life. While hiding in Isaac's shed, she finds herself transported to a future world called Baval, which is in need of help. By the end of the book, she has learned many life lessons, the most important of which is things will be ok.

I truly enjoyed reading this book. It is a very touching story that will tug at your heart strings and rooting for the underdogs. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story.






"The Neverending Story" with a female lead.


G. Reba  (Panama City, FL

"Unlocking the Poet's Realm" is a prime example of a diamond in the rough. Upon reading this book, I was reminded of the classic movie (and book as well I believe) 'The Neverending Story'. It's not the length that reminded me of it, although it is quite a hefty little book, it's the underlying story. A young girl needing to find refuge from the bad things surrounding her life, finds solace in her own private fortress with a magic box that transports her to a land of beauty and magic. The problem? This land is also in peril and needs her assistance to set things right. Also hidden within the pages of this story are a multitude of life lessons and the never ending search to discover ones true nature and sense of self. You'll marvel at her strength and admire her courage....all while exploring this new realm of fantasy brought to life by author Matt Wiebusch.